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Membrane Technology
Pure water tank Pressure booster pumps Activated carbon filter
Mixed-bed ion exchanger Demineralisation of water or residual demineralisation of partially demineralised water Stainless steel exchanger bottle Installation: upright only
Reverse Osmosis System AVRO 125
Compact system for trade and industry Eight different sizes available, from 125 l/h up to 2,000 l/h MSR-tronic controller with graphical display to visualize and trigger the water softeners type duo WE-MSR, the reverse osmosis and the permeate tank with pressure booster pump Combi-cap pressure vessel for optimum flow distribution on the membrane elements; quick-acting plug-in couplings for single, series and block mounting; easy increase of the permeate capacity by quick installation of an additional pressure vesse
Small system for trade and industry Permeate capacity 125 l/h Little space required Available with integrated permeate tank and pressure booster system With blending unit to set a specific conductivity value of the permeate (optional) Microprocessor controller with customer service display to indicate the functions and the maintenance interval.
Compact system for private water supply Two different sizes available with filter capacities of 450 and 900 l/h Membrane cut-off < 0.01 µm to remove turbidity and microbial loads Completely preassembled on an aluminium rack, including control unit, sampling valves, water meter and pressure gauges Rinsing interval and duration for the cleaning of the membranes are adjustable System design according to DIN 2001