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Vibration sensor & analyzer
SeTAC (SEQUOIA Triaxial Acceleration Computer) is a compact instrument that uses MEMS technology and that, when installed directly onboard the machine as an autonomous system, provides an innovative approach to triaxial vibration monitoring for applications in the safety, quality and process control fields.
FastTracer can be connected directly to the PC’s USB port and associates a triaxial value in the time and/or frequency domain of the vibrations of the machine being analysed with each measurement point. Thanks to the PC, the analyses and measurements performed by FastTracer can be sent via internet for remote comparison with measurement data and for centralised data storage and off-line processing.
The USB Balancer is a triaxial analyser for simple, cost-effective balancing of rotating parts using the USB port of a PC. The USB Balancer features a user-friendly interface that allows even inexperienced users to balance electrospindles and rotary tables for turning operations, following an automatic procedure.
Not just a sensor, but a complete, modular, flexible and cost effective vibration analysis system suitable to answer all your measurement needs in civil applications